Monday, 4 October 2010


Description for Poland - view from Class DM 

Just outside the window there are some trees and bushes with a bird table between them.  Just past these bushes is a grey, concrete path.  On the other side of the path is grass and some daisies.  It is a bit muddy.  Just past that we can see a silver metal fence that is taller than the children.  On the other side of the fence there is a park with a basketball court.  In the distance, across the park, we can see some houses.

Description for Italy and Turkey - view from Class ND

As we look out of our classroom window we can see a small squared concrete area with a small patch of grass on the left and some large green bushes on the right.  Behind this area there is a short brown wooden fence.  Behind the brown fence is a children’s play area which has a pink toy house, some red scooters, a blue slide and lots colourful toy cars.  There is a building next to the play area.  The building is a pre-school where young children play and learn.  Behind the pre-school and just to the left we can see the junior playground and our school field.  Far in the distance we can see the road with moving cars.

Description for Hungary - view from Class RA
Just outside our window is the large, grey playground which has coloured lines and patterns painted on it. There is a netball post at each end and three bins to put our rubbish in. Beyond that is our field of dark green grass, where the children do their PE lessons. There is a large tree and some of its leaves are turning golden and red. Behind that is a high fence that has bushes along it. There is a three storey block of flats which has whirligig washing lines full of clothes in the gardens. To the right of the flats are some parked cars and bicycles.

Description for Spain - view from Class JW

Right in front of the window are some small green bushes.  There is a bigger bush with reddish brown leaves on the left.

Next you can see the big playground which is grey.  There is a big 100 number square on it. Also there are some little yellow squares and circles.

Beyond that is the adventure play area.  It has a wooden bridge, some stepping blocks and a narrow beam to walk along.

To the right, past the playground, are some tyres to play on.  Next to this is a small hill covered in grass, with some trees on it.

Finally there is a tall blue fence around the edge of the school grounds, with a gate leading to a footpath outside.

Description for Romania - view from Class DS

Out of our window we can see the ramp that we walk down at the end of the day.  There are paths and some trees with red berries.  We can see some of the toys that we play with and the shed we keep them in.  Our outdoor shelter with its bright blue roof is just in front of the wooden fence that keeps us all safe.
Behind the fence is grass and a hedge.  Also we can see the old, big, oak tree where the crows live.

Description for Greece - view from Class AR

Right outside our window there is a big tree with green leaves.  We can also see the junior playground where there are some children playing hockey.  There is an adventure playground next to the junior playground too.  There is a big field on the left of our classroom where all the children like to play.  Behind the fence there are some flats next to the field.  Sometimes we can also hear the cars on the road behind the adventure playground.

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