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Description of the view
for Italy.

Our school is situated at 227 Radzymińska street. It is one of the biggest streets in Warsaw. Behind the school there is a fun sports field, that can be seen from our school's library's window.
After getting out through the back door, we can see a grey sidewalk, with a blue wind rose on it. Next to the wind rose there is a big spruce. On the left and right, we can see two curbs. Near the curbs, there are some brown, wooden benches. We often sit there, when it's hot and sunny. We're going further, now we can see a big football pitch with white and yellow lines on it. It is usually noisy during breaks. The football pitch is surrounded by a red running track.
Behind the fence, there is a white building in the background of the view.
During the breaks we can do a lot of things in the school yard. Most of the children play football or walk on the track, but there are many more things to do. For example we can sit on the bench and talk with friends, or play volleyball. Younger pupils usually play in the sandpit and on the swings. What we like most, is walking on the track with friends. We always enjoy breaks.

Description of the view
for Greece.
We go to Primary School number 84. It’s situated at 227 Radzymińska Street, in Warsaw. Warsaw is the capital of Poland. We want to describe a view from our school window. The window is in the northern part of my school.
In the foreground we can see a big school yard, surrounded by benches from three sides. In the center of the yard there is a wind rose. On the right overhead corner there are planted three spruces. Amongst the spruces there are some bushes. The school and the yard are situated high, so there are three stairs on the edge of the yard. Next to the stairs, there’s a car park and a driveway. Behind it, on the right, there is a horse chestnut tree. In the background we can see a big football field and a court. There is a red racetrack around the fields. Behind the football pitch we can see a big modern house. It looks like a small castle. It is white with the red roof.
We believe, that place is modern, safe and very interesting. We like playing soccer and volleyball here. The racetrack is great, we love running there. We like this place, because we spend a lot of time every day here, and according to our opinion, everything is cool.

Description of the view
for Hungary.
Hi ! We are the students of the Primary School no. 84. The school is situated at 227 Radzymińska street in Warsaw. Warsaw is the capital of Poland. We want to describe the view from my school window. It is in the south.
In the foreground there is a bench. Beside the bench, there are some shrubs and a lawn. There is a red court for volleyball and basketball. Next, in the middle of the view, there is a modern and colourful playground for children. In the playground there is a pink slide and a yellow roundabout. Behind the playground there is a fence. There are many different trees: maples, oaks, poplars and mountain-ashes between the fence and a sidewalk behind the fence. Behind the fence there is a road. This is Blokowa Street. In the background we can see the House of Culture on the left and the football stadium on the right. In front of the House of Culture there is a car park. There are lots of cars in the car park.
We really like the school yard, because we can play basketball and volleyball here. At the House of Culture there is a lot of interesting and exciting extra-curricular activities. This place is very modern.

Description of the view.
for Spain.
Hi, we are the students of Primary School no. 84 in Warsaw. We want to tell you about the view from our windows at school.
In the middle of the view we can see a pitch. It is medium size and it's red. The net is hung on the two metal goalposts. We can play volleyball here. We can also play basketball on the red pitch, because there are also two baskets on the two metal goalposts.
In front of the green pitch there is a playground, and in this playground there are two swings and a slide in front of them. The slide and the swings are made of wood. Some elements of the slide are painted red and blue. Everything is on a sand-floor.
Behind these two pitches there is a wire fence and there is a road behind it. There are many trees on both sides of this road. Behind the road on the left side of our view we can see a building. It has got two floors and many windows. The building is white and the windows are blue. There is also a car park in front of this building.
It's all for now, thank you for your time!

Description of the view
for Turkey.
We’re the students of Primary School number 84. Our school is named after Walerian Łukasiński. Our school is in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. We’re describing a view from the North side of our school. From the window we can see the school car park, some trees and Określona Street.
There are some trees opposite the school building: poplars, maples and limes. They are very big and tall. In front of the trees there are bushes with small white flowers. Behind the trees there is a dark green fence with a big gate for the cars. It is on the left. In the background we can see a small street. It is called Okreslona street. Near the street there is a house. It’s white and it’s got two windows. Its roof is purple. It’s got a nice garden and a black fence.
The view from our window is nice and quiet.

Description of the view
for Romania.
We go to the Primary school. We are the pupils of the sixth form . Our school is in Warsaw - the capital of Poland .
The view we want to describe is on the northern side of our school.
Out of the window we can see a quiet concrete street and a small car park.
Behind the car park there're bushes, tall chestnuts and a fence . On the left, there is also a gate.
The street behind the fence isn't noisy or busy and not many people walk
along it .Near the street there is a white ground floor house . We like this place because it's quiet and we can ride bicycles there and because there are beautiful trees.

Description of the view
for Great Britain.
We are from Primary School no. 84 in Warsaw. Warsaw is the capital city of Poland. Our school is situated in Targówek district, it’s on the outskirts of Warsaw.
The school building is opposite a very busy street. We want to describe the view from the south-eastern part of our school. In front of the school there is a grey sidewalk and a green lawn. On the sidewalk we can see some green, wooden benches. On the lawn, behind the benches, there are some trees. They are tall and green. The trees are mainly birches and lime trees. When we look farther, we can see a green fence surrounding our school. On the right there is also a gate and the sidewalk that leads from the gate to the school entrance.
Behind the fence there is a sidewalk for pedestrians and we can also see the main street,  which is a kind of a highway. The street is very noisy and dangerous. There are many cars on the street and they are driving very fast. On the other side of the road, there are some small buildings. They are white, but we can’t see them clearly because of the tall trees just in front of our school.
We like the view from our school window. It is clean and comfortable place but too loud.

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