Monday, 4 October 2010

View from our classroom window - Hungary

Hello! We are the pupils of OVÁI ÉS PSZI, Orosháza, Hungary. Our school is in the town centre so it is busy. On the other side, it is situated next to the market so it is noisy on market days. As our town is located in the Great Plain, the landscape is flat. Here are two views seen by our pupils.

View1 to the brick wall and the market place: Description for Romania, Turkey, England and Spain
Just outside our window we can see a ruined brick wall, a bike shed and lawn along the brick wall. Behind that we can see a grey concrete surface for a market place with a green fence around it. In the far distance there are some trees, houses and cars in the road. The landscape is flat.

View 2 to the main street: Description for Italy, Greece and Poland
As we look out of our window we can see some tall trees with colourful falling leaves and lawn. Beyond that we can see a road and a car park with some cars. Behind the car park there is a small park with a small fountain and flowers. In the distance there is a block of flats with balconies and shops under the flats. It is sunny and the sky is blue. The landscape is flat.

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