Saturday 9 October 2010


DESCRIPTION OF 5A (for U.K, Spain and Italy)
When I look through the window, the first thing I realize is the garden of our “U” shaped school building. On the left there are a lot of flowerpots. They are all gren. On the right there are two flags – one of which is our national and the other is called white flag, which was given us last year by the governorship. It symbolizes tidiness and cleanliness. Near the flags, there is a statue of Atatürk, our great leader. Just the opposite, there is a playground, some boys are playing soccer, two girls are skipping rope, a boy is climbing the garden wall. The first thing I have noticed about the wall is its disturbing colourless face.
Beyond the school garden, there is a huge gap on a cloudy day. Beside its largeness, it is quite messy. The plants are playing with the wind like a naughty children. It is such deserted place that people only remember here when they need to trash out. When you look around carefully, there stands a tree raising its braches up to the sky as if it wanted to speak out its loneliness and its unhappiness among the trash piles. Just to spite this scene, three floor villas, beige and brown with their small balconies, lies on the left. Their gardens are well organized with little trees. When I look slightly into the right, there are a lot of long trees following a route to a ruined house on the right. Behind villas, trees and the ruined house there is a highway scarcely seen.
The farthest scene I realize belongs to high mountains coloured in blue-like green, whose summits are hidden by cloud banks. On the mountain foot, there are small villages hardly getting into my sight.

DESCRIPTION OF 5C (for Poland and Greece)
When I look outside my school window, the first thing I see is two small green trees in our school garden. Behind the trees there is a low garden wall with iron bars attached on it. Along the wall outside there is a path with dust. On the right side of the view, there is a two fold pink house. It has a brown roof with white two windows on each flor. This house also has a small garden filled with small fruit trees. I can see other houses’ brown roofs above this small house. Just in the middle of the view there is a wide field –non agricultured, covered with dired yellow and light brown short grass. The boudaries of this field are defined by lines of short trees around.
Behind the field, I see a school called “Science High School”. A quite modern building with its school garden is standing just in front of me. The building is white with red upright stripes on its wall from bottom to the top. On the left of the school there is a two fold white small house. I can see hardly see its blue garden gates and two cherry trees in its garden.
On the horizon, low mountains are lying from left into the right along the scene. Above the mountains light blue clouds cover the sky like a smooth sheet.

DESCRIPTION OF 4A (for Romania and Hungary)
This is front view of our school that I see from the window. There are two short green trees grown up to the window as if I could touch them if I tried to reach. The narrow school garden ends with a low wall iron bars on it. Just outside the wall, a dustful path follows it. Across the path a road reaches our school on the right derived from the street.
On the other side of the path, there are lots of five-floor buildings coloured in white. They have two balconies on each flor, most of the balconies are covered with blue balecloth around. There are also clothes hung on the balconies to dry. These buildings have narrow gardens and they lie closely to the left. There are several trees in their gardens pine, apricot, etc. On the right side of the view, some workers are building a house with a garden. The house is almost complete with its three floors. Behind this new house there are five-floor buildings again and furthermore there is the sky, blue partly coulds spread out on it.

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