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Hello! We are pupils from Italy!

Our school, the “Secondo Circolo” of Carmagnola includes five school buildings located in three different towns and villages about 25 kilometres from Turin: Carmagnola, Villastellone and Pralormo.

There are three primary schools (one for each village) and two nursery schools (both in Villastellone).

Only the school in Carmagnola (with 8 primary school classes) and the schools in Villastellone (4 primary school classes and 2 nursery classes) are involved in the project.

Carmagnola has got about 30,000 inhabitants. Our primary school is in the town centre. It is an area where there are a lot of other schools, for this reason you can reach it only on foot during school entry and exit times.

Villastellone has got about 5,000 inhabitants. The primary school is located in the main street in the village centre. The Via Cossolo nursery school is located in the same street, 300 metres from the primary school. The Viale Signorini nursery school is in a residential area situated opposite a beautiful park.


CLASSES 2A and 2B Carmagnola - WHAT’S OUTSIDE THE WINDOW? – description for GREECE.

First floor.

I can see a big unevenly shaped playground. It’s tiled in grey and red; there’s a fence on one side and another school on the other side.

Inside there are two spaces with trees and flowers. There are wooden benches and tables. The only playground games in it are two wooden climbing frames.

Over the fence I can see a tower and a basketball court.

CLASS 2C Carmagnola – WHAT'S OUTSIDE THE WINDOW? – description for SPAIN.

Ground floor.

Out of the window we can see our playground. Its floor is covered with grey and pinkish paving stones. There are two wooden benches in it.

Opposite, beyond the playground, there is a nursery school with a garden to the left. It’s a brown building and it has got four big windows. There is a dark green gate between our playground and the garden.

Behind the nursery school there is a path and beyond it we can see a very old ancient castle with a tall tower.

On the right of the nursery school there is the playground of another primary school. In it there are some horse chestnut trees.

On the right side of our playground there is a part of our school which borders the other primary school.

On the left of our playground, there is a garden with two climbing frames and a table with two benches on either side of it. The garden, where there are also many trees and some bushes, is surrounded by an iron fence. Over the fence there is a basketball court.


First floor.

Our classroom has got a wall with big bright windows that face the inside playgrounds of our school and of another one.

In foreground, further down, to the right we can see part of our playground with its beige and grey stone tiles. We can also see the horse shoe – shaped playground of the other primary school which is called “Primo Circolo”.

Six majestic horse-chestnuts shade two opposite sides of this playground and in the middle we can see some children who are playing with some soil and are running after one other.

Nearly in the middle, opposite our windows, we can see one of the ochre rectangular-shaped fronts of the other school. The building, which is on two floors, is illuminated by two windows on each floor, through which we can catch a glimpse of teachers, children and people going along the corridors that lead to the classrooms.

Further down, to the left, there is the nursery school gate.

If we look further to the left we can see another part of our playground and our school garden in which gigantic trees rise up with their golden leaves. They almost hide two climbing frames, a table and three wooden benches.

Behind these we can see an iron fence that separates the two schools; beyond it there is the nursery school lawn with some games and toys on it.

Further up, to the right, behind the brown tiled roof of the “Primo Circolo”, we can see the green leaves of the plane-trees along Corso Sacchirone which act as a frame to the Collegiate Church bell tower.

Further up, to the left, we can see the watch-tower of the very old castle in our town. Today it is the seat of the Town Hall.

The background of this view is surrounded by a wonderful blue sky, with soft white clouds. It’s a warm, sunny autumn day.

What we can see outside our class window gives us a feeling of peace and quietness.

CLASS 3B Carmagnola - WHAT'S OUTSIDE YOUR WINDOW?description for UK.

First floor.

If we look straight out of our window, in the centre and on the right we can see a large rectangular courtyard paved with red and grey tiles. Further right, a wing of our school building borders the playground.

On the left we can see part of a courtyard with two very big trees and between them is a climbing frame.

In the background to the left we can see the fence that separates our playground from another school’s playground. Beyond it there is a nice green lawn, many trees and some toys and games.

Further left we can see another gate and beyond it there is a concrete platform on which you can play basketball or go skating. In the centre we can see the front of the other school: it is orange and has got four windows, two on each floor.
On the right there is a rectangular clay playground surrounded by big horse chestnut trees with brown leaves.

In the background on left there is the tower of Carmagnola’s medieval castle, which now houses the Town Hall offices. It is a brick building and on the top there is a large window. In the distance we can see a cross on the roof of a church. Everything is framed by an autumn sky.

In the background right over the roofs of the nearby school the tops of the plane trees which line the avenue peep out. We can also see the brick bell tower of the Collegiate church. It is shaped like a parallelepiped and has got a sloping roof with a lightning rod on it.

CLASS 3C Carmagnola - WHAT'S OUTSIDE YOUR WINDOW?description for HUNGARY.

First floor.

Hello! We are class 3C from the Italian school in Carmagnola

We are looking out of our classroom window and we can see…

In the foreground we can see the big schoolyard where we go and play in the afternoon: on the right there are grey and pink tiles, on the left it’s covered in earth and grass.

On the left there are three big trees which still have many green leaves, but some leaves are already yellow and brown. Between two of the trees there is a climbing frame which we climb on and we spin round on. It is shaped like a hexagonal prism and it’s made of wood with yellow iron bars.

Beyond there is the nursery school playground where the little pupils play, and there is a wing of our neighbouring school, the “Primo Circolo” : it’s a big orange-brown building which has got two floors. On the ground floor there is the canteen door. The first and second floors have got two windows each, one of them is narrow and the other one is wide; both the windows are made of white iron.

In the background we can see the old Town Hall Tower. It’s a big parallelepiped made of reddish bricks; its roof is shaped like a pyramid and it’s covered in brown tiles. There is a window almost on the top of the tower, which protected by an iron net to keep the birds out.

Above everything we can see the blue sky and the sun.

This is all for now… See you with the next activity!


Our classroom is on the ground floor.

Outside our classroom window we can see the school yard.

On our left there are some trees with green, yellow and red leaves; there is also a small peach-tree.

Beyond the school yard there is a basketball court and a skateboard ramp.

In the background we can see the bell tower of an old castle.

In the middle of the school yard there are some trees: a big plane tree and two horse chestnuts. There is a wooden table and a bench.

Between two of the trees there is a climbing frame and few metres further back there is another one.

In the background there is the nursery school yard.

In the foreground on the right we can see only a part of an orange building, which is another primary school.

To the right of the playground there is the canteen and the school gate.


Our classroom is situated on the ground floor of the school building.

Out of our window we can see the school playground. It is very big.

On the left there is a garden with some trees, whose leaves, in this season (autumn), are green, yellow and brown. In the garden there are two climbing frames that we love playing on. There is a fence around the garden. Beyond it there is a court where we do a lot of sports (in particular basketball, football and skating).

Opposite our window, at the end of the playground, we can see a nursery school. It is a brown building.

On its left there is a garden.

Behind the nursery school, in the distance, we can see Carmagnola’s old castle with its tall tower. Now it is the Town Hall.

On the right of the nursery school there is another primary school’s garden. Further right, we can see the building of this school that communicates with ours.


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