Saturday 9 October 2010


Turkey is located in the northern hemisphere. It is a bridge between Europe and Asia.

This is a map of Turkey. It is surrounded by Black Sea in the north, The Aegean Sea in the west and The Mediterranean Sea in the south. There are seven geographical regions in Turkey. There is a common saying about Turkey "Four seasons at the same time." Generally at this time of the year, it is rainy in the north, sunny in the south, windy in the west and cloudly in the central part of Turkey. Our hometown Bursa is just here.

Today the weather is partly cloudy with little rain. The highest temperature fourteen degrees centigrade, the lowest temperature at night is ten degrees centigrade. We are expecting heavy rain for tomorrow. Don't forget your umbrellas and be ready for the strong wind. Have a nice weekend, see you on Monday, good bye.


  1. We really enjoyed your weather reports and thought your English was very good :o)

    From Class DM

  2. Thanks :)) we tried our best


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