Monday 18 June 2012

Earth Day in Greece

Since we live on an Island -Crete- and we are surrounded by water we focused on that when we did our Earth Day Activities. 
Two were the main subjects: 
 water shortage and water pollution.
Water Shortage

We talked about the water, where it can be found on our planet (sea, river, lake, snow, rain ….) and tried to understand why it is so important for all living creatures.
 We realized that even if it is so much water on Earth the drinking water is not always enough!!! 

We “became” drops and talked about our problems and what people do wrong. 


We recorded  how many times we use tab water at home and
we created a leaflet: 
 “Instructions for proper use of water” 
7 Ways to save WATER!!


Water Pollution

We learned about endangered species like the sea turtle Caretta-Caretta and other creatures of the sea. We learned that turtles choke because they think that bags- that we throw in the water - are food like jellyfish!!!

We decided to act!
We made posters with slogans


We cleaned the Beach of “Kalathas” near our School.

And we organized a “demonstration” against pollution!!!!

This is our poster about the Earth Day

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