Sunday, 13 November 2011

Creature hunt-orienteering in Hungary

a hedgehog
an ant
a blackbirda bee
a pigeon
the map of the school ground
a quiz about our animals
Finding the animals with the map. An ant is found here.
We have found a picture of a hedgehog.
A mole lives in our European garden.
the map of the school ground
What animal lives here? A blackbird.
reading about the ant
finding a picture of an ant
We have found a picture of a bee.
Here we are with a picture of a pigeon.

We enjoyed the creature hunt in the school ground in September 2011. We used a map to find the animals. Here are our animals of the school ground: a hedgehog, a bee, a mole, an ant, a pigeon and a blackbird. The cards of the animals were hidden e.g. under a log or on a tree. We had to read the description of the animals carefully so as to do the animal quiz at the end.

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