Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Project meeting in Orosháza, Hungary, 26-30 March 2011

Art lesson with Spanish teachers - magnets
Gardening with Irini, a Greek teacher
Project discussion
Singing on the stage - Greek teachers
The Three Little Pigs in English
Folk dance

Visiting classes

Visiting the Parliament in Budapest

Turkish teachers at St Stephen's Basilic in Budapest

Visiting the look out tower of St Stephen's Basilic

Here are some photos and clips about the project meeting in Hungary. The participants visited classes and watched pupils' dances, songs and plays in English. They enjoyed watching the folk dance by teachers, too. The visitors sang their songs on the stage so as to introduce their language and music. Hungarian pupils especially liked the Art lessons by the partner teachers. They made typical emblems of each country like magnets from Spain, lovely wooden dolls from Romania, special pictures from Turkey and created a poster with the Greek teachers. The visitors went to see a kindergarten nearby. It was a great experience for the guests to visit some sights of Budapest, Gyula castle and the spa in Orosháza. It was nice to evaluate the project activities, discuss the next ones and share the good practice.

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