Sunday, 17 April 2011

Gardening in Hungary


Exchanging seeds and plants in the project meeting in Hungary 29 March 2011

The teachers of the partner schools brought some flower seeds and plants with them to the project meeting in Orosháza. Instructions were given about how to look after the plants. The Hungarian pupils were involved in sowing the seeds and planting the herbs in our "Mini garden of Europe" in the school yard. They enjoyed sowing the seeds with the foreign teachers. The pupils are happy to water the plants and do some gardening. We will see how the plants will grow in Hungary.

We got some herbs from Greece, a chestnut tree from Turkey, gladiolus bulbs from Poland, geranium seeds and rosemary from Spain and lots of flower seeds from the other countries.

Hungary gave some aster seeds to England, Poland and Italy. Purslane seeds were given to Spain and Greece. Tall snap-dragon flower seeds were given to Turkey and Romania. We also have tall snap-dragon flowers.

Here are some photos of our plants 17 days later, on 15 April. Our pupils were sowing the rest of the seeds given by the partner schools.

Here is a video clip about the gardening with the partner teachers at the project meeting.

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