Sunday, 6 March 2011

Virtual Tourist Leaflets from Hungary

Virtual tourist leaflets from Hungary

Here are some leaflets about water. We advertised Lake Balaton and Lake Gyopáros to our "tourists" in partner schools.

Lake Balaton is a beautiful place to visit. It is the largest lake in Central Europe. It is called "Hungarian sea" by Hungarians as it is so big. We love spending our holiday here. You can go swimming, windsurfing, sailing and paddle boating there. You can go on a boat trip to visit some pretty places around the lake. There are old castles, beautiful palaces, amusement parks, lovely beaches, spas and historical towns. You can go hiking in the hills.

Lake Gyopáros is a small lake in our town, Orosháza. There is a water park and a spa there where you can enjoy lots of indoor and outdoor pools, slides, a jacuzzi and saunas. The thermal water of the spa is effective for treating locomotory disorders and other diseases. We often go for a walk in the forest around the lake. There are a lot to do there. You can go swimming to the swimming pool, you can boat or ride a paddle boat in the lake. You can go up the look-out tower to see the view around the lake.

I hope you will come to Hungary and visit these lovely places. You will have a fantastic time!

Have a look our leaflets made by pupils aged 10.

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