Friday, 22 October 2010

Weather report from Turkey


Good evening Bursa. Heavy rains hit Bursa - one killed - schools closed.

It is raining for two days in Bursa. The temperature is fifteen degrees centigrade. In Bursa and its towns, schools are closed for today and Friday as transportation is limited because of the heavy rain. Also heavy rain caused flood and one old man died in his ground-floor home. Because flood waters entered his house. We are in Bursa streets with Neslihan now. How is the situation there, can you tell us?

(News Reporter):

As you see people are trying to sweep flood water from inside their houses. Excuse me, how do you feel?


My neighbours' houses are all under water. We are in a big loss.

(News Reporter):

I hope you will overcome soon. That's all from Bursa tonight. Wish to see you next evening. Good bye.

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